NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon


For the 2014 race, the New York Road Runners (NYRR) will offer eligibility for guaranteed entry to the following groups:

  • NYRR members who meet the 9+1 or 9+$1K program requirements for guaranteed entry eligibility for the 2014 marathon (Handcyclists seeking entry under this provision must also be active bona fide members of Achilles International since October 1, 2013.)
  • Runners who meet the time standards outlined below in an NYRR race in 2013; see provisions for those who meet the standard in a non-NYRR race
  • 2013 entrants who cancel their entry to the 2013 race according to the cancellation guidelines. Entrants who cancel their entry in consecutive years are no longer entitled to guaranteed entry after the second consecutive cancellation.
  • Marathoners who have finished 15 previous New York City Marathons. We are phasing out this means of qualifying for guaranteed entry; those who finish their 15th ING New York City Marathon after 2015 will not be eligible for guaranteed entry under this provision.
  • Applicants who were denied entry in the three drawings in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and who were not subsequently accepted via an alternative method (such as through an International Travel Partner, sponsor, or charity). Please note that 2014 is the last year that guaranteed entry will be offered under this provision.

After the 2014 application opens, the NYRR will email those individuals known to meet one of the above requirements. However, delivery of these emails is not guaranteed, and all applicants are responsible for applying before the 2014 deadline, even if they do not receive their reminder emails.


The time-standard qualifying window is January 1, 2013−December 31, 2013. The total number of time-qualifier spots is to be determined. All runners who qualify in an NYRR race (2013 Manhattan Half-Marathon, NYC Half 2013, 2013 More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon, 2013 Brooklyn Half-Marathon, 2013 Grete’s Great Gallop, 2013 Staten Island Half-Marathon) will be eligible for guaranteed entry. The remaining time-qualifier spots will be filled by a special drawing, and those not selected will be entered into the general non-guaranteed entry drawing. Those who meet the time standard in a non-NYRR race will be required to complete the non-guaranteed entry application and submit their time and the name of the race (results must be verifiable online).

The time qualifying standards are as follows (runners only); all times run must be at least as fast as the posted time:

Age* Marathon 1/2 Marathon
18-39 2:45:00 1:19:00
40-44 2:50:00 1:23:00
45-49 2:58:00 1:25:00
50-54 3:06:00 1:29:00
55-59 3:14:00 1:33:00
60-64 3:24:00 1:39:00
65-69 3:35:00 1:42:00
70+ 3:46:00 1:48:00
Age* Marathon 1/2 Marathon
18-39 3:10:00 1:30:00
40-44 3:25:00 1:37:00
45-49 3:35:00 1:42:00
50-54 3:49:00 1:48:30
55-59 3:52:00 1:50:00
60-64 4:10:00 1:58:00
65-69 4:26:00 2:06:00
70+ 4:50:00 2:17:00

*Age on the day of the qualifying race.

[Information available at the official website link:]