Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLENON-TRANSFERABLE & NON-DEFERRABLE.  In the event that you are not able to participate, entry fees for the 2017 race will NOT transfer or defer to the 2018 race or any race thereafter.  If switching from the 10K to the Half you must pay the difference in registration fees, but no fees will be returned for switching from the Half to the 10K.  Please contact us at through March 6, 2017 to make the changes.  Then after March 6, 2017 you will need to make changes at our Expo.

Athlete Check-In

Registration materials (including bib, bib-tag, and wristbands) can ONLY be picked up during published Athlete Check-In hours. Check-in hours will be published on event website. CHECK-IN WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON RACE MORNING. FAMILY OR FRIENDS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PICK-UP THE REGISTRATION MATERIALS ON BEHALF OF THE ATHLETE.

Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers are NOT allowed.  Participants walking / running with a Baby Stroller will be DISQUALIFIED and removed from the race.


Pacing by a friend, family and/or coach is NOT allowed.  Participants seen Pacing by another person or cyclist will be DISQUALIFIED from the race.  CYCLISTS are NOT allowed on the RUN COURSE.

Morning Bags

You will receive a Morning Clothes Bag at Athlete Check-In for any necessary items or clothing you bring to the event. Please do not include valuables such as phones or wallets. The race organizers are not responsible for lost or stolen items. This bag will be available for pick up at the Finish Line area.


No Bandits ALLOWED.  Any person identified as a “Bandit” will not receive Medals, Athlete Food, or any other services offered to our paying participants, they will be escorted out by security and their names will be recorded.